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Whether you want a full-time or part-time job, we have the resume writing option to make you shine in today's competitive job market. If you need a resume built from scratch or revisions made to an existing resume we can meet your needs. We do not use templates, as everyone is unique.


We write search engine optimized resumes that are Applicant Tracking System friendly to help you get pulled by recruiters and have your resume parsed correctly whenever you apply electronically.  We work with you to help you identify your best accomplishments based on the target job title you are pursuing and offer aftercare service to ensure your resume meets everything needed to be parsed and pulled to be read by a set of human eyes.

For those of you who are DIY resume writers, we offer a service where you can send your resume and we will review it for all the important factors needed in a resume. We will give you an in-depth review with examples based on your resume if there are areas we suggest changes. You will not receive cookie-cutter responses from us and we will not give you vague responses. We also offer you the ability to make the changes we suggested and you can send it back to us for a second review at no charge.


There are several letters you may use during the course of your job search and the main letter is a cover letter sent in with your resume when applying for a job. We craft cover letters, follow-up letters, and any letter you may need.

Cover Letters

Resumes Reviews


CVs (Curriculum Vitae)

We write CVs for higher-level educators, program managers, administrators, Deans, Provosts, and all positions in higher-level education. CVs are very comprehensive documents and after your purchase, we will send you a list of all items needed to complete your CV. Certain portions are written in APA format. We also add a two-paragraph of your Statement of Teaching Philosophy, if you don't have one already written we will help you through this process.

LinkedIn Profiles

Whether you are just starting your career or you are well established in your career, networking is a must and there is no better way to have a far-reaching global network set up as you can on social media, and Linkedin is the place to be. It's the most important networking site for professionals and it's where many recruiters and hiring manger's find good employees just like you. It's a place where you can build some of the most important connections of your career. We will build you a LinkedIn profile that positions, brands, and shows your value proposition. We will write content that will make you memorable!.

Interview Prep

Most people get nervous about interviewing for jobs. Employers are starting to ask really clever questions you won't find in any of the books you may have read on how to answer interview questions. We will prepare you for an interview with a specific company by doing research on the company's background and if you are taking our class to prepare you for future interviews, we will set up a strategy for either scenario with a diverse range of questions that you won't find in your typical books on interview questions. Our goal is to help you think on your feet in from on one person or a panel of people and come across confident with the ability to think under pressure. This is a class you will not want to miss!


Technical Resumes

Proofreading & Editing Services

Our editing services apply to any documents you need a final eye on. Please reach out if you have small to large documents...we can handle them all.

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