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At SRS we take the frustration out of job searching by writing job seeker documents including resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and any documents     you need to help you find the job of your dreams. We specialize in showcasing your strengths, accomplishments, and experiences for a competitive advantage over your competition in the job market.


Our documents are search engine optimized and keyword-rich to ensure your resume passes through pesky applicant tracking systems to be read

by recruiters and hiring managers. We personalize your documents to meet a diverse range of industries and job levels from recent graduates to   executive positions. 


 Our Commitment to You

Our support does not end when you receive your documents; we are here to help you succeed and will stand by you as you search for opportunities. When you purchase a resume from us you get six months of Position Specific Updates "Tweaks" for the jobs you apply to. We are so committed to our clients we give you six months of tweaks to your resume and cover letter to ensure you meet the needs of Applicant Tracking Systems

Our Documents Are:

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Applicant Tracking System Friendly

  • Accomplishment-Based Resume

  • Modern Eye-Catching Formats



Our Blog

Make sure to check our blog for articles of interest. We have individuals from various industries who have written articles to help job seekers understand specific industries and help you learn how to get started in various fields.



We have a wide range of services including resume and curriculum vitae writing, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and job search advice. We offer

package pricing and à la carte pricing to meet your budget. We also offer proofing, editorial services, and job interview training.


An Investment in Your Future

A professionally prepared resume is an investment in your future earning power and career happiness. Professional resume writers have the experience and skills necessary to present applicants from diverse industries, career fields, and experience levels at their very best. We know

how to set you apart from the competition, ensure that your resume gets read, and prompt the reader to take action by calling you for an interview.


Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

✔ Win More Interviews

✔ Maximize Your Strengths

✔ Stand Out from the Crowd

✔ Elevate Your Earnings Potential

✔ Solve Tough Job Search Challenges

✔ Succeed in Transitioning to a New Career


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